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A shower of original compositions, Flinne offers shelter from the elements whilst embracing their signature storming West Highland sound.

You'll need your big coat for this one!

Recorded by Chris Waite, Gran's House Studio

Mastered by Sam Proctor at Lismore Mastering

Photographs by Ben Cormack

Artwork and Design by Anna Rothach

£12 + p&p

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FLINNE Cover.png



FRAS's 9 track debut album, dìle, is a bracing shower of melodies, a downpour of thundering rhythm with the occasional promise of sunshine. Released March 30, 2016 

Recorded and mixed by Hector MacInnes at Studio Òstaig 
Mastered by Chris Waite 
Design by Anna Deplano at GRAFICANNA 
Photography by Mark Harris


£12  + p&p in UK)

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Fras Debut Album Dile
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